Curtis Boyd

"From Nursing Assistant to AI/SaaS Company: My Engaging and Entertaining Story!"

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About Curtis Boyd

Curtis Boyd is an entrepreneur and AI expert from Los Angeles, United States.

Curtis has an inspiring story and a wealth of knowledge to share with your listeners.

He began his entrepreneur journey while in Nursing School, where he managed to leverage his skills and expertise to pay off $30,000 worth of student loans.

After meeting a senior-level executive who provided helpful advice, Curtis was able to remove a bad review for a doctor, leading to 500+ clients for his own business.

Since then, Curtis has gone back to school to build a software company and to learn AI\/ML at MIT to build technology for the government.

Curtis is an engaging and entertaining guest who will bring a unique perspective to your podcast.

With his extensive expertise and experience, Curtis is the perfect candidate for a podcast guest.

He has a fascinating story to share, and he has the knowledge and ability to provide valuable insights on technology, artificial intelligence, bootstrapping, SaaS, sales, and more.

Curtis is available for remote interviews and is equipped with a Studio Quality Microphone and Webcam.

Let Curtis be your next podcast guest and add value to your show.

His inspiring story and wealth of knowledge will provide your listeners with an unforgettable experience.