D.J. Eshelman

From poverty to IT success: Hear how Max went from no electricity to millionaire consultant and learn his secrets!

About D.J. Eshelman



Eshelman is a remarkable individual who has gone from no electricity or running water as a kid to becoming an accomplished IT Consultant earning more than a million dollars.

He is passionate about helping people succeed in their IT careers and his mission is to leave the world better than he found it.

He conveys his message through his books, coaching, YouTube channel, and soon to be podcast.


J. has a wide range of experience and expertise in the IT world with a focus on tech skills and soft skills.

He has an impressive ability to connect with his audiences and has had success in his books, Just Do THIS: A Simpler Way to Succeed in IT and his services methodology.

His notable interests include business, technology, engineering, and IT infrastructure.

His remote availability makes him a great potential podcast guest from anywhere in the world.


J.'s compelling story and unique perspectives make him an ideal podcast guest.

His inspiring story of resilience and determination to create a better world is sure to captivate and motivate listeners.

His knowledge and experience in the IT and business fields makes him a great guest to discuss current trends and provide useful tips for success.

His diverse interests and media capabilities make D.

J. a great podcast guest for any topic.