Damian Andrews

Choose your path: Make it hard or make it easy with Sliding Elephants through Eyes of Needles.

About Damian Andrews

Damian Andrews is an experienced and highly knowledgeable international speaker, CEO, philanthropist and father from Melbourne, Australia.

He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in a variety of sectors such as manufacturing, property holdings, IT, retail, professional services, large retail fitouts, apartments, commercial, civil, infrastructure, road, rail and renewable energy acquired through his service in the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS), his work in corporate recovery and operational efficiency, and his founding of the Family Peace Foundation and SHAIR.care.

Damian is an inspiring speaker who uses his knowledge and experience to help audiences find success and happiness in life.

His life was once very hard, but with the implementation of simple principles, he was able to achieve amazing successes like taking a client from an $8 million turnover to a $25 million turnover during the COVID pandemic, and setting a goal to achieve $1 billion turnover and achieving it in 14 months.

Damian believes that everyone can attain success and happiness if they choose easy.

Damian Andrews would be a great guest for your podcast.

His knowledge, experience and success in business, relationships, and the goal of achieving success and happiness make him a great asset to any conversation.

He has a compelling pitch that encourages people to choose easy in life, and his inspiring success stories are sure to captivate any audience.

By welcoming Damian as a guest on your podcast, you'll be able to provide your listeners with inspiring stories and valuable advice.