Dan Powers

Certified Sexologocal Bodyworker, Surrogate Partner and Tantra Educator with extensive experience to guide you.

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About Dan Powers

Dan Powers is a Certified Sexologocal Bodyworker, Surrogate Partner, Erotic Blueprint Coach, and Tantra Educator based in Boulder, United States.

His professional background includes a successful career in software engineering and an MBA.

Dan is passionate about sex and intimacy education and has developed a wealth of experience to speak on these topics.

He has a unique perspective on how our culture approaches sex, and how we can move past our shame to create meaningful connection.

Dan is fluent in English and is available for both in-person and remote podcast episodes.

He has the necessary equipment for both formats including a USB/External Microphone and Webcam.

Dan Powers is the perfect podcast guest to discuss the complexities of sex and intimacy.

With his experience, expertise, and knowledge, Dan can provide an insightful look into how our cultural attitudes are impacting our connection with others.

He is an engaging speaker who can add a fresh perspective to any podcast episode.