Dana Rodney

"Dive into Dana's lyrical journey of hope and resilience with The Last Polar Bear."

About Dana Rodney

Dana Rodney is a non-binary author and climate change activist based in Santa Rosa, California.

After the loss of two homes to devastating wildfires, Dana began writing their debut novel The Last Polar Bear - a riveting, lyrical journey into the earth's near future.

With a background in environmental studies, Dana brings a unique perspective to the conversation about climate change and wildlife extinction, advocating for both in their writing and activism.

Dana has been featured in a number of podcasts, covering topics such as LGBTQIA+ politics and social issues, animal rights, and climate change.

Dana is an experienced guest and is available for both in-person and remote interviews in English.

Dana Rodney is a great potential podcast guest as their story is both captivating and inspiring.

With a unique background in both environmental studies and writing, Dana is able to provide a well-rounded and knowledgeable perspective on climate change, wildlife extinction, and LGBTQIA+ politics and social issues.

Their debut novel, The Last Polar Bear, provides a captivating and lyrical look into the near-future, making them the perfect guest to discuss the current climate crisis.