Danna Olivo

"Empowering small business owners to reach success with Charged Up Studio!"

About Danna Olivo

Danna Olivo is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur.

With dual degrees in marketing and management information systems from the University of Central Florida, she is a four-time published author and holds the #1 best-selling author status on Amazon.

Her latest book, Social or Sociopathic, will be released in May 2021.

Danna is the CEO of MarketAtomy LLC, a strategic growth consultancy committed to helping small and micro business owners become the successful companies they are meant to be.

She recently launched Marketatomy.

Academy, an online eLearning environment.

She also hosts Charged Up Studio, a weekly audio podcast featuring expert advice from business professionals who have a heart for helping small and micro business owners.

Danna is equipped with a built-in microphone and webcam, and is available to be booked on podcasts, during weekdays.

Her interests include business, customer experience, entrepreneurship, marketing, and startups.

She is an expert in these areas and can provide valuable advice and tips to listeners.

Danna Olivo is the perfect podcast guest for any show looking for a knowledgeable entrepreneur who can provide insightful advice.

Her expertise in business, customer experience, entrepreneurship, and marketing make her a great resource for any podcast.

Her enthusiasm and passion for helping small and micro business owners make her an excellent addition to any show.