Dave Koll

Uncovering the truth behind generational estrangement: Let me help tell your unique story.

About Dave Koll

Dave Koll is an inspiring storyteller, author and teacher with a passion for developing others to become better versions of themselves both personally and professionally.

He is the author of Letters to William, a book that seeks to reconnect many relationships locked in a struggle to find their way back together.

Dave is based in New Orleans, USA and speaks English fluently.

His interests range from Arts and Books, to Kids and Family, Religion and Spirituality, Society and Culture, and Education and Life Coaching.

Dave Koll has the perfect combination of personal experience, expertise, and knowledge to make him an ideal podcast guest.

His book, Letters to William, gives insight into a real-life issue of estrangement that is destroying families and relationships, and as a natural storyteller, he can bring your audience on an amazing journey of faith, pain and hope.

He is also passionate about helping people become better versions of themselves, making him an inspiration to your listeners.

Let Dave Koll bring sunshine to the darkness and pain of estrangement issues.

With his personal stories and knowledge, he will be a compelling podcast guest who will be sure to leave your audience inspired and motivated.