David E. Feldman

"Mystery Author with 6 Books: Overcoming Life's Challenges with God's Help."

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About David E. Feldman

David E.

Feldman is an inspiring 6 books mystery author and a master storyteller.

He is a living example of triumphing over adversity, having overcome drug addiction, depression, spinal problems, 2 hip replacements, intestinal resection and colostomy, and cancer with God’s help.

His stories are filled with themes of love, transcendence, and hope, and he aims to inspire people to overcome their own health challenges, fear, depression and trauma.

David has a wealth of experience as an author, having written 8 books of his own, including the 6-book Dora Ellison Mystery Series, and dozens of books he has ghostwritten for others.

He is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker with interests in arts, books, crime and mystery, relationships, spirituality, self-improvement, mental health, life experiences, Judaism, and more.

He is well-equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam, and can be available on weekdays and weekends.

David E.

Feldman is the perfect podcast guest for any show looking to engage and inspire their audience with a living example of resilience and hope.

His remarkable story of overcoming addiction, paralysis, hip replacements, colostomy surgery and cancer is sure to captivate any audience.

He is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker who will bring a unique and powerful perspective to any podcast.