David Edward

"Unlock the mystery of Atlantis with David Edward, author of 'Atlantis Solved: The Final Definitive Proof'!"

About David Edward

David Edward is an experienced former US Military Special Agent and author of more than 40 books, including the best selling thriller Panama Red.

He holds four graduate degrees, including a doctorate in engineering, and he hosts a weekly podcast on the writing industry.

David is a fun and energetic interview who also brings facts and logic to what is often a fringe topic.

He is well versed in Atlantis, having written a book on the topic, Atlantis Solved: The Final Definitive Proof.

David would make a great podcast guest due to his dynamic personality and his vast knowledge of Atlantis, the writing industry, arts, fiction, history, historical events, religion, mythology, and society and culture.

He is available for interviews on weekdays and is equipped with studio quality microphone and webcam.