Dynamic Ghostwriter Reforming Health Through Mind, Body & Soul.

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David Jahr is an experienced ghostwriter and public relations master with a wealth of knowledge in the field of health and wellness.

He has worked with four New York Times best-selling authors, brands, and websites, and received an ESPY Award nomination for “Most Inspirational Sports Story of the Year” by ESPN.

David has helped write and/or launch 15 books, over 100 blogs about physical, mental, and spiritual health, and was integral in the success of the Daniel Plan, a New York Times best-seller that has helped thousands of people improve their physical and spiritual wellbeing.

David is the perfect podcast guest for any show that focuses on health and wellness.

His unique experience, expertise and knowledge of the field of health and wellness make him a valuable and insightful guest.

He has been featured in many top 25 consumer magazines, TV news/talk shows, and newspapers, and has the media relations and training capabilities to make for a great podcast guest.

If you're looking for a knowledgeable guest to bring insights on the subject of health and wellness to your podcast, David Jahr is your perfect match.

With his experience in public relations, ghostwriting and the nutrition industry, he can offer your audience valuable advice and insights that will help them reform their health through the mind, body and soul.