David Mielke

Composting Bridger: Transforming stumbling blocks into bridges and turning challenges into opportunities for growth.

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About David Mielke

David Mielke is a Composting Bridger, an actor, writer, and performer who uses his personal experiences to turn life’s “crappy happenstances” into fertilizer for growth.

Born in a small town in Canada in 1963, David faced prejudice and self-hatred but found his way out of his struggles with the help of an amazing teacher.

David’s works include The Driftwood Bridge: An Offering of Story and Song, the award-winning streaming language arts series Cozy Grammar, and the Broadway in the Yurt series of videos.

Most recently, “Mood-Altering Foods,” one of the videos in the series, was featured in the New York Times.

David has also worked for GLBTQ causes, volunteered in hospice, and personally attended to his mentor, father, and 104-year-old grandmother during their illnesses and deaths.

David Mielke is a compelling podcast guest who will bring a unique and diverse range of life experiences to the conversation.

His creativity and resilience in the face of adversity is inspiring and will be sure to leave listeners feeling refreshed and ready to tackle their own hurdles.

With his strong background in the performing arts, David is sure to bring an engaging and dynamic approach to every podcast.