David Winters

David: Magic, Ancient Wisdom & Healing Our World.

About David Winters

David Winters is a passionate earth lover, spiritual teacher and Seer of the Unseen.

Raised in the hill country south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, David was able to recognize his gifts and sensitivities from an early age.

He further developed his understanding of life through study and earned a master's degree in microbiology from North Carolina State University and a Ph.

D. in food microbiology from Cornell University.

Today, David is a preeminent teacher and expert on ancient wisdom and how it can be used to heal our world.

He has studied and explored many mystical sites across Europe and America, and has a deep understanding of how the mystical world is connected.

Additionally, he has a profound understanding of the teachings of the Ancient Ones and how they can be used to create a more vital and healthy New Earth.

He is soon to publish his first book, entitled ‘Where Heaven and Earth Meet: Stories of Healing, Magic and Remembrance’.

With his experience and expertise in ancient wisdom and the mystical world, David Winters is an ideal podcast guest.

He can provide deep insight and knowledge into the power of spiritual teachings, and can explain how these can be used to bring about positive change on a global level.