Deanna Hann

"Unlock the ancient wisdom of the Amazon to transform your life with me, your life coach."

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About Deanna Hann

Deanna Hann is an experienced life coach and mentor from St.

John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

She is passionate about guiding women to confidently let go of their fear and break away from pain and suffering.

With a strong background in education, life coaching, and self-improvement, Deanna is an expert in helping people discover their true potential.

After spending time in the Amazon with shamans, Deanna found powerful new ways to approach life and has since made it her mission to share these with everyone.

Deanna is a graduate of cancer, a violent sexual trauma survivor, and a former victim of a severe car crash.

She is well-versed in mental health, spirituality, and health and fitness, and has the necessary equipment and availability to be a great podcast guest.

Her bubbly and uplifting personality make her a perfect fit for any podcast, and her inspiring stories and wisdom will leave listeners feeling motivated and determined.

Deanna is the ideal guest for any podcast wanting to explore life coaching, self-improvement, mental health, spirituality, and health and fitness.