Denise Drinkwalter

"Empowering mid-life women and fostering positive parent-child relationships."

About Denise Drinkwalter

Denise Drinkwalter is an international empowerment life coach who has a passion for helping women in their midlife years, as well as moms and parents build great relationships with their adult children.

With 31 years of award winning teaching and first-hand experience as a mother of three successful and happy children, Denise takes pride in being a life-long learner and educator, and is well known for captivating audiences with her knowledge, experience, and expertise in understanding and making sense of the many life challenges and obstacles faced by women.

Her speaking topics are varied and include communication, emotions, triggers, regrets and guilt, and active listening.

Denise is the perfect podcast guest for any show related to empowering women in their midlife years, as well as parenting and life coaching.

With her 31 years of experience in teaching and her first-hand experience as a mom, she is well equipped to speak on a variety of topics related to these subjects.

Denise is highly knowledgeable, practical, and her passion for the topics she speaks on is sure to make her a compelling and informative podcast guest.