Diana Curtis

"Empowering women to find growth and healing through releasing pain."

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About Diana Curtis

Diana Curtis is an experienced Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and Ordained Minister who is passionate about helping women transform their deepest pain into their greatest growth.

After suffering from the loss of her Mother and Brother, Diana spent many decades serving as a Public Health Advisor and eventually founded Coaching to the Heart, LLC, a coaching practice that specializes in helping individuals who are struggling with grief.

Diana has created several courses, including the “Growing Through Grief System” - Holistic Pathway to Healing Grief and Trauma, a full curriculum that leads women through a sacred process of releasing their deepest pain and confusion and turn it into their greatest growth and fulfillment.

Diana is the perfect podcast guest for any show related to business, education, female health and lifestyle, mental health, black history, religion and spirituality, society and culture, and alternative health.

She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in these fields, as well as the availability to do interviews remotely.

With her amazing story and her ability to connect with people, Diana can provide a unique perspective on living through grief and help people move from pain to purpose.