Donald Mirra

"Explore untouched places with me and discover the true power of travel."

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About Donald Mirra

Donald Mirra is a dynamic speaker and the host of the popular podcast "The Travelers Art".

Born in Nuremberg, Germany to American parents, his appreciation of diverse cultures as a photojournalist has allowed him to understand the greater story of our personal lives.

Having traveled to over 68 nations, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his speaking engagements.

Donald is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker who speaks passionately on topics such as travel photography, the philosophy of travel, the mindset of real travelers, and why travel is vital in today's day and age.

Donald is an experienced podcaster who has been interviewed by multiple podcasts and is a skilled communicator in English.

He has access to USB/ external microphone and webcam, is available on weekends and weekdays, and can do both in-person and remote speaking engagements.

Donald Mirra is a perfect fit for your podcast if you're looking to explore the deeper meaning of travel and its impact on our lives.

His experience, knowledge and passion for travel make him a great potential guest who can bring a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to your show.