Donny Dye

"Experienced in both business and people, I'm passionate about sales and inspiring others to join the field."

About Donny Dye

Donny Dye is an experienced sales leader and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience building, leading and transforming sales organizations.

Most recently, he helped to build a company that sold for 9 figures.

His expertise spans enterprise, B2B, Saas and channel sales across multiple verticals.

He has been the first sales hire for a startup, built a new division in a Fortune 100 company and has been part of acquisitions and funding.

With his passion for sales and his deep understanding of the business and human side of selling, Donny would make for an excellent podcast guest.

He has a deep knowledge of the sales landscape and can share his insights on a range of topics, from startup sales to scaling a sales team.

He also has the necessary equipment for a professional remote podcast, including a studio quality microphone and webcam.

He is available for both in-person and remote interviews and is fluent in English.