Doug Thompson

TechStory Speaker: Connecting new tech ideas & data to people who need to understand them.

About Doug Thompson

Doug Thompson is an experienced professional and TEDx speaker with a passion for storytelling.

He can be found sharing his knowledge and experience on his LinkedIn profile, providing helpful tips and advice on how to develop storytelling skills.

He is based in Austin, United States, and is proficient in English.

Doug has a diverse range of interests, including business, education, technology, society and culture, comedy, sales, emerging technologies, security and motorsport.

He has the equipment necessary for a successful podcast, including a studio quality microphone and webcam.

He is available on both weekdays and weekends, and is available for both in-person and remote interviews.

Doug is the perfect podcast guest for any show looking to discuss tech stories and the importance of storytelling.

With his years of experience, he is sure to provide interesting and valuable insight into the topics, as well as a great experience on the podcast.

His commitment to helping others develop their storytelling skills, as well as his diverse range of interests, make him an ideal guest for a wide variety of podcasts.