Douglas Bouey

Business coach and author passionate about vision and spirituality. Newly released book 'Fixing Fractures'. Former TEC/Vistage Chair.

About Douglas Bouey

Doug Bouey is an award-winning business coach and former TEC/Vistage Chair with 25,000 president members worldwide.

He is a passionate speaker with a wealth of experience in helping midmarket companies, and is the author of the new book 'Fixing Fractures: Restoring Shattered Relationships in Business and in Life'.

Doug has also been an avid traveler, having visited many countries and extensively studying and practicing indigenous spirituality.

He is currently based in Calgary, Canada with frequent visits to the coastal island in BC and the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende.

Doug Bouey is an ideal podcast guest for any show looking to discuss business, entrepreneurship, religion and spirituality, or relationships.

His unique experience and insight make him an excellent source of knowledge and advice.

He is a well-spoken and engaging speaker with a great sense of humor who is sure to bring valuable insight and perspective to any podcast episode.