Dr. Alexander S. Karapetov

"International business and innovation specialist with 10+ years of experience in 40+ countries."

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About Dr. Alexander S. Karapetov


Alexander S.

Karapetov is a distinguished professional in business and innovation development, management consulting and executive coaching.

He has over two decades of professional experience and has lived and worked in 10+ countries and visited over 40 countries of the Americas and Europe, Asia and the Pacific, the GCC region and Africa.

He has established and successfully developed his own business at 19, and made a brilliant career within the United Nations (UNDP and UNIDO).

He has also worked for nine governments and several leading non-government institutions.

Alexander is a highly educated individual with a background in music, having received his first education as a conductor, a Ph.

D. in Economics and a practitioner of martial arts.

He also has an in-depth knowledge of the economic and political environment, business culture, and investment and technology markets in many international jurisdictions.

For the last two years, he has been actively practicing executive and life coaching, helping in leadership and career development, communication/image improvement and relationship management.

With his years of experience and knowledge, he can provide a unique perspective on various topics and value to your audience.


Alexander S.

Karapetov is the perfect podcast guest to provide an interesting and unique perspective on a variety of topics such as business and innovation, R&D and technology, global economics, as well as history, music and culture.

His combination of professional insights and personal experiences give him a unique point of view that the audience will be sure to appreciate.

With his expertise in executive coaching and many aspects of life coaching, he can offer invaluable advice to help listeners become better professionals and live a more fulfilling life.