Dr Ant

"Experience the power of a switched on mindset with Dr Ant, The Brain Whisperer."

About Dr Ant

Dr Ant is an experienced motivational speaker, mindset trainer and creator of Switched on Thinking.

Using his methods of creating awareness, he has worked with countless businesses to transform the mindset of their team, allowing them to work more efficiently.

With his own experience of running several businesses, he has an in-depth understanding of how to help teams stay motivated and happy in a working environment.

He is the perfect guest for any podcast looking to discuss topics such as workplace wellness, entrepreneurship, sales, life coaching and self-improvement.

Dr Ant is the ideal podcast guest because of his experience and knowledge of the topics discussed above.

He has an inspiring story to tell, and in addition to being passionate about helping businesses and individuals with their mindset, he has the perfect equipment and setup to ensure a seamless podcasting session.

His knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise make him a great potential podcast guest, sure to engage and inform any listening audience.