Dr. Cam Sepah

"Experience the power of transformation with Dr. Cam, an expert in clinical health psychology, hormones, nutrition, sleep, fitness and focus\/dopamine fasting."

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About Dr. Cam Sepah


Cam Sepah is a clinical health psychologist, the CEO of Maximus, and an expert in hormones, nutrition, sleep, fitness, focus/dopamine fasting.

He is a professor of psychiatry at UCSF Medical School and has helped launch Omada Health, a unicorn slated to go public.

His company, Maximus, is a consumer technology company focused on maximizing men's health.

With over 18k Twitter followers, 12k Instagram followers, and 1.5k YouTube subscribers, Dr.

Cam is an expert in health and fitness, male health and lifestyle, medicine, and mental health.

He is also available on several podcasts and has the necessary equipment for remote or in-person sessions.


Cam Sepah is the perfect podcast guest for those looking to discuss hormone and health optimization, psychology, and personal development.

With experience as an executive coach for top Silicon Valley CEOs and a wide following on social media, Dr.

Cam is well-equipped to bring valuable insight to your podcast.

His expertise on the topics of health and wellness, nutrition, sleep, fitness, focus/dopamine fasting, and mental health make him a valuable asset to any podcast.

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Cam today to bring his unique and insightful perspective on the topics that matter to you!