Dr. Elijah Nicholas

24+ Year Transgender Veteran Uses Children's Books to Spark PRIDE 2021 Family and Corporate Discussions.

About Dr. Elijah Nicholas


Elijah Nicholas is a 24+ year transgender military veteran who has just released his second children's book for family and corporate training & discussions in time for PRIDE 2021.

Assigned the female gender at birth, Dr.

Elijah has since served in the US Military for over half of his life before retiring as a senior officer in 2012.

After retiring from the military and leading ministers and pastors around the globe, Dr.

Elijah began his gender reassignment in 2018 and resigned his duties as a pastoral leader.

His children's book, featuring Madoodle (aka Madison), a ten-year-old girl whose Uncle Pete was once her Auntie Mary, is a great example of his focus on creating LGBTQI+ friendly content.


Elijah is a 8-time published author who speaks English fluently and is an expert in the fields of Arts (Books, LGBTQIA+ Arts, and Influencer), Fiction (LGBTQIA+ Fiction), and Government (Armed Forces).

He is available for in-person and remote interviews, and comes equipped with a built in microphone and webcam.


Elijah Nicholas is a great potential podcast guest, bringing with him a unique perspective and decades of experience in the military, government, and LGBTQIA+ arts.

His children's book provides a great topic to discuss and his insights into the LGBTQIA+ community could be invaluable for any podcast.