Dr Fiona Tassoni

Helping women over 40 conceive naturally or with IVF, even if all hope seems lost.

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About Dr Fiona Tassoni

Dr Fiona Tassoni is an experienced Doctor of Chinese Medicine with over 37,000 hours of clinical experience.

Her unique approach to fertility coaching, "Preconception", helps couples over 40 achieve success with conception naturally or through IVF, even if their physician has claimed it to be impossible.

Through her holistic approach of treating the mind, body, and spirit, she is able to identify the root cause of symptoms and help couples achieve their dream of getting pregnant.

Dr Fiona is a registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner, registered Acupuncturist, and Fertility lecturer in the area of gynaecology and infertility.

Her vast knowledge and expertise has been featured on numerous podcasts such as Heal Nourish Grow Podcast with Cheryl McColgan, Parenting in the Digital Age with Jamie Buttigieg, The Modern Day High Priestess with Allera Dawn, The Hormonal Mama with Cara B Drescher, The Mummy Warriors with Mellissa Cameron, The Alchemy of Success with Vince Fusco, Wellness Warriors Podcast with Felicity Cohen, and Kungfu Momma with Sarah Chang.

With her medical experience, spiritual wisdom, and personal experience with fertility treatment, Dr Fiona is the perfect podcast guest for any show looking for an experienced guest with unique insights into holistic fertility treatments and preconception.

Her inspiring and informative talks provide listeners with a unique perspective on how to overcome fertility challenges and achieve their goal of getting pregnant.