Dr. Joseph Garcia

"Grandfather of Baby Sign Language: Pioneering the Baby Signing Movement for Over 15 Years"

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About Dr. Joseph Garcia


Joseph Garcia is a renowned expert in the baby sign language movement, having been named the “grandfather of baby sign language” by mothers who have used his books.

He has worked with over 5,000 babies and their families via community, hospital, and national education programs.


Garcia's most recent research led to the publication of Dr.

Joseph's Fingerspelling Book, which encourages first-time readers and spellers to learn to read and spell through a fun, game-like experience.

He also developed a comprehensive video course on diagnostic communication in American Sign Language for the healthcare industry.


Joseph Garcia is an exceptional guest for any podcast looking for expert advice on baby sign language, parenting, education for kids, and diagnostic communication in American Sign Language.

He is well-versed in these topics and is experienced in working with families to teach babies to sign.

With his engaging and passionate speaking style, Dr.

Joseph Garcia can provide a wealth of knowledge and insight to any podcast.