Dr. Kristin Wild

"Experience holistic health breakthroughs with Dr. Kristin Wild, an award-winning speaker."

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About Dr. Kristin Wild


Kristin Wild is an award-winning holistic health practitioner, speaker, and the recipient of the Success Magazine's Women of Influence Award in 2022.

With a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Science with a major in quantum physics, a diploma from Sauder School of Business in Real Estate, and a diploma of Applied Psychology, she is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced individual.

Kristin has overcome a great deal of in her lifetime.

She spent eleven years coping with a disease called rheumatoid arthritis and was told she needed full shoulder, hip, elbow and knee replacements.

Medical professionals deemed her situation as hopeless.

Despite this, she maintained a sunny and positive attitude and eventually found the answers she was searching for and the disease is now gone from her body.

In addition to her career, Kristin volunteers her time with a local non-profit organization where she helps women and children escape and recover from extreme abuse situations.

She has helped hundreds of people cure themselves from what was believed to be incurable and her own personal experiences make her an incredibly inspiring and unique individual.

Kristin Wild is the perfect podcast guest for anyone looking to discuss holistic health, alternative health, entrepreneurship, mental health, and more.

Through her personal journey and professional experience, she is able to provide insight and motivate others to find hope and success in their own lives.