Dr. Lori Davis

Let's explore how pleasure can transform and empower our lives together - I'm a clinical sexologist.

About Dr. Lori Davis


Lori Davis is a female clinical sexologist based in New York City, USA.

She combines her background as a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) with her expertise as a Certified Sex Counselor (CSC).

She helps women and their partners move away from feeling shut down in their sex lives, so they can get tuned in and turned on again.

She has a passion for exploring the power of pleasure in all aspects of life, and believes that turning towards our sexuality as a practice of self care can not only transform us, but can even transform the world.


Davis is knowledgeable about topics such as health and fitness, particularly in regards to sexuality, relationships, life coaching, entrepreneurship, and more.

She is fluent in English, and has access to a studio quality microphone and webcam.

She is available on weekends and weekdays for remote interviews.


Davis is a great potential podcast guest because of her knowledge and experience in the field of clinical sexology.

Her unique perspectives and expertise in this field will make for an interesting and informative conversation.

Her passion for exploring the power of pleasure in all aspects of life can make for an inspiring and engaging interview.