Dr. Nicole Bradford

"Ignite your inner flame: Be Audaciously Authentic and live life to its fullest!"

About Dr. Nicole Bradford


Nicole D.

Bradford is an inspirational and energetic speaker who is passionate about inspiring people to live an audaciously authentic life.

She is a first-generation college graduate, and the youngest of six children, who has overcome several challenges in her life including witnessing domestic violence as a child, workplace labels and limitations, and desiring success while being labeled and disliked by peers and family members.

She is currently writing her next book “My Soul is NOT for Sale” which focuses on how we can break away from the lies, labels and limitations and create the life we deserve.


Bradford has a wealth of experience working with disenfranchised youth and setting up programs to ensure their success.

She has worked as a Professor, Vice President of Student Services, Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Campus Principal.

Her experience and expertise in education, life coaching, self-improvement, parenting, Christianity, LGBTQIA+ life experiences, and relationships, make her an ideal candidate for a podcast guest.


Bradford is available for in-person and remote formats and is equipped with a built-in microphone and webcam.

She has a very active Tiktok following of 24.5K (Emptynesters1) and is passionate about helping others live an audaciously authentic life.

With her wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for life, Dr.

Nicole D.

Bradford is a great potential podcast guest.

Her enthusiasm and energy will surely captivate your audience, and her expertise on a variety of topics will provide an interesting and engaging conversation.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have Dr.

Bradford on your podcast.