Dr. Tracy A. Pearson, JD

Expert legal analyst: reshaping the conversation on law, politics, employment, and implicit bias.

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About Dr. Tracy A. Pearson, JD


Tracy A.

Pearson, JD is a commentator and analyst located in Los Angeles, United States.


Pearson is an expert in law, politics, employment, and implicit bias, and appears frequently in print, radio, and TV - including weekly on Court TV.

She has conducted a study on implicit/unconscious bias in workplace investigations, and has a wide range of experience discussing law, legal process, investigators and fair process, organizations, accountability, systemic problems, leadership, and education.


Pearson has a demo reel, and a recent radio interview available to view.

Additionally, she has a website, Tracy.

Media, and a Youtube channel to review.

She is proficient in English, and is equipped with a webcam and studio quality microphone.

She is available for both in-person and remote appearances on weekends and weekdays.


Pearson is a great potential podcast guest due to her deep expertise and knowledge in a variety of topics.

She is a frequent media guest and would bring a unique perspective to any podcast.

Her insights and experience would make her a valuable contributor to any show.