Ed Khouri

"Equipping Christian leaders and groups with a relational framework for change and practical training to make it lasting."

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About Ed Khouri

Ed Khouri is a Christian leader and expert in healthy, grace-based relationships and sustainable transformation.

With over four decades of experience in ministry leadership and addiction and recovery counseling, Ed is the founder of Equipping Hearts for the Harvest and the author of multiple books.

He has also trained and served mission leaders, churches, and missionaries from almost 90 countries.

With an extensive background in attachment theory and neuroscience, Ed specializes in topics such as grace, healthy relationships, discipleship, intimacy with God and others, joy, codependency, fear, controlling and abusive leadership, and building a balanced and well-connected team.

Ed Khouri is an ideal podcast guest for any show related to religion, spirituality, relationships, mental health, self-improvement, non-profit business, or any topic that covers grace-based relationships and sustainable transformation.

His expertise and experience make him a valuable and knowledgeable source of insight that will engage and educate listeners.

As a podcast guest, Ed is well-equipped with a webcam, studio quality microphone, and access to remote interviews on weekdays.

His passion for helping others to achieve healthy, grace-based relationships and lasting transformation makes him an excellent potential podcast guest.