Elinor Moshe

Thought leader on ambition and achievement, empowering the community to win: author, podcast host and more.

About Elinor Moshe

Elinor Moshe is a force to be reckoned with.

A thought leader, best-selling author, award-winning podcast host and businesswoman, Elinor is the founder of The Construction Coach, Australia’s first construction coach.

Elinor has been recognized for her work, receiving the ‘Best Construction Training Company 2022 – Australia’ award from Build Magazine and the gold level in print media for the 2022 Marcom Awards.

She’s also the author of Constructing Your Career and Leadership in Construction and her podcast Constructing You has won the 2023 AVA Digital Awards Digital Marketing - Content Marketing Gold Level Award.

Elinor has been featured in Medium, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, Yahoo Finance and more for her career, leadership, and business acumen.

She’s a passionate speaker who speaks with ambition and achievement and wants to see the community win.

Elinor Moshe is the perfect podcast guest to invite onto your show.

With her expertise in business, career, leadership, and construction, she is perfectly suited to discuss topics related to professional development, entrepreneurship, and more.

Her passion for mentoring, her best-selling books, and her award-winning podcast make her an invaluable asset to any podcast.

Her ambition and dedication to helping others make her an inspiring and motivating guest to have on any podcast.