Elisabeth Galperin

Maximizing potential for high-performing professionals: My mission to help you achieve peak performance.

About Elisabeth Galperin

Elisabeth Galperin is an experienced and sought-after speaker, trainer, and productivity expert based in Denver, United States.

She has a passion for helping high performing business professionals achieve their peak performance levels so that they can reach their professional and personal goals.

Elisabeth has developed her own methodology called ASCENDâ„¢ which she would love to share with your audience.

Through her talks, highly driven professionals can learn how to overcome their overwhelm and achieve sustainable growth and success.

In addition to speaking, Elisabeth is a published author and has been featured in various reputable publications, such as Forbes, Fast Company, and The Guardian.

She is also a regular contributor to HuffPost and has her own podcast, The Productivity Paradox, which focuses on helping professionals unlock their potential.

Elisabeth has the experience and knowledge necessary to be a great podcast guest.

She is fluent in English and has her own equipment, including a built-in microphone and webcam.

She is available on weekdays for remote interviews.

Let Elisabeth help your podcast audience unlock their potential and achieve sustainable success.

With her expertise and knowledge, she is the perfect podcast guest to discuss how to overcome overwhelm and reach peak performance.