Elzie Flenard

"Creating inspiring audio stories as an entrepreneur, podcast host, producer, and speaker."

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About Elzie Flenard

Elzie Flenard is a highly experienced content marketing professional, podcast host, producer, entrepreneur, and speaker from Milwaukee, United States.

He has a great passion for storytelling and helping other entrepreneurs, corporations, and brands to launch, grow, and maximize sales through podcasting, training, and coaching.

Elzie is fluent in English and is highly knowledgeable in business, business entrepreneurship, business management, business news, and religion/spirituality.

He has the necessary professional equipment including a studio quality microphone and a webcam.

He is available for in-person or remote podcast guest formats on weekdays.

Elzie Flenard is the perfect podcast guest to help you create carefully crafted narratives that resonate on impact.

With his vast experience in podcasting, content marketing, and entrepreneurship, he can provide valuable insights and advice to your podcast listeners.

He is also very passionate about storytelling and can bring an entertaining and engaging element to your show.