Emma Leigh Reed

Unlock the secrets of suspenseful thrillers with author of crime fiction, ready to talk about the darkness of serial killers.

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About Emma Leigh Reed



Reed is an author of crime thriller books originally from New Hampshire and now residing in Tennessee.

She has three grown children and is an avid reader.

Her life has been touched and changed by her son's autism and she uses this experience to inform her stories.

She is also a teacher of English at a local community college.

In addition to crime thrillers, she has also written romantic suspense, women’s fiction and has co-authored children’s books.



Reed is an ideal podcast guest with her knowledge and expertise in crime thrillers and her unique perspective on life due to her son's autism.

Her experiences make her an authority on the darkness surrounding fictional serial killers.

She is available for in-person or remote interviews and is equipped with a webcam and a USB / External Microphone.



Reed is an experienced author and teacher of English with a unique perspective on life.

She is an ideal guest for your podcast, offering exciting insights into the darkness surrounding fictional serial killers and her personal experiences.

Her knowledge, expertise and varied writing experience make her a great candidate for your podcast.