Erica Wiederlight

"Laughter and fun with a coaching twist: I'm your speaker for an energized, meaningful experience!"

About Erica Wiederlight

Erica Wiederlight is an American actress and dating and sexual empowerment coach based in Manhattan.

She is passionate about helping people feel more alive, embodied and have an epic relationship with themselves and others.

After an extensive career as an actress, Erica began her coach training and has since become a leading voice in the area of sexuality and dating.

Erica is uniquely qualified to be a podcast guest, as she combines her acting background with her expertise in dating and sexuality.

She has a wealth of knowledge to share on the topics of self-improvement, female health and lifestyle, sexuality, and relationships.

She is equipped with the necessary technology for remote or in-person podcast recording, including a studio-quality microphone and webcam.

Erica is also available for interviews on weekdays and weekends.

As a podcast guest, Erica will bring lots of fun and laughter to your show, as well as valuable insights from her experience and expertise.

With her knowledge, enthusiasm, and dynamic presence, she is sure to leave your listeners feeling more informed and empowered.