Ewelina Szczeblewska

Experience transformation and release inner pains with hypnosis.

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About Ewelina Szczeblewska

Ewelina Szczeblewska is an incredibly experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, RTT Rapid Transformational Therapist and Transformational Coach from the United Kingdom.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, she has helped many frustrated, overwhelmed and burnout high achievers who struggle with anxiety, overthinking, self-sabotaging habits & fears.

Ewelina believes that often, we struggle to create the extraordinary life we desire because we are “committed to struggle”.

She works to help her clients step into their magnetic confidence by understanding how the mind works and how we “programme” ourselves for what we don’t want.

Ewelina helps her clients identify and release any emotional and physical pain from the past that affects them currently.

Ewelina is a sought after speaker and can be found giving her talks on podcasts such as The Treasures Within, Open Spotify, YouTube, Yowah Radio and Acast.

Ewelina Szczeblewska is the perfect podcast guest for any show interested in talking about mental health, finding and releasing past pain, self-sabotaging habits and fears, and building magnetic confidence.

Her transformational journey is inspiring, and her talks will leave audiences feeling empowered and renewed.

Her experience and expertise make her a great potential podcast guest who can provide a unique insight into the transformational journey.