Felicia Baxter

Gregarious Recluse: From Introvert to Extrovert, Changing How we Connect.

About Felicia Baxter

Felicia Baxter is a gregarious recluse trying to change her ways.

She is based in Chattanooga, United States and is fluent in English.

Felicia has a wide range of interests from Arts and Books to Fiction and Science Fiction.

As far as equipment is concerned, she is equipped with a built in microphone and webcam.

Felicia is available on weekdays and is open to remote interviews.

Felicia has an impressive wealth of knowledge and expertise in a range of topics.

She is a great potential podcast guest as she is able to bring a unique and diverse perspective to any conversation.

With her outgoing personality and her passion for different subjects, she is sure to bring an entertaining and enlightening experience to your podcast.