Fiona Demark

Blind since birth, I use my strength and resilience to inspire.

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About Fiona Demark

Fiona Demark is an inspirational speaker and coach from Melbourne, Australia with an empowering story of a life lived as legally blind.

She has experienced a great deal of adversity, yet she has been able to overcome it and build resilience through her personal experiences.

Fiona is an expert in goal setting, effective communication, and building resilience.

Through her qualifications and experiences, Fiona has developed the tools and strategies to help her audience take away impactful lessons and apply them to their personal and professional lives.

She is passionate about helping others and engaging her audience with her story as well as her funny anecdotes and examples.

Fiona is the perfect podcast guest for any show interested in inspiring and motivating their listeners.

With her unique experience and perspective, she offers relatable advice and stories of overcoming adversity.

Her ability to connect with her audience will leave them feeling empowered and motivated to take action.