Fletcher Ellingson

Inspiring stories of success and courage - by Max, the speaker who dares to challenge your values and explore the depths of fear and suffering.

About Fletcher Ellingson

Fletcher Ellingson is a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur based in Seattle, United States.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of public speaking, coaching, and performing, Fletcher is an expert in helping people evolve their thinking to solve their biggest challenges.

He is the founder of Ellingson Enterprises, a coaching and training company.

Fletcher and his wife Amy host a weekly television show, during which they address topics of health, wealth, and relationships.

He has the ability to help shift the collective thinking of a company, resulting in expeditious closure of operational and visionary gaps, and allowing for new levels of productivity and culture.

Fletcher has a knack for captivating audiences with his stories of triumph and inspiration.

His talks focus on unique topics such as ‘Your values don’t mean Jack’, ‘The Gift of Fear’, ‘My rejection experiment’, and ‘The anatomy of suffering’.

He is fluent in English and is available on weekdays to provide remote appearances.

He has the necessary equipment such as a studio quality microphone and webcam.

Fletcher Ellingson is not only an experienced and knowledgeable speaker but also a great storyteller.

He has the capacity to capture the attention of the audience and inspire them with his thought-provoking messages.

He is a great potential podcast guest who can provide your listeners with a unique perspective on critical topics.