Fred Kray

"Uncover the tragic story of Alydar: a tale of power, corruption, and a lost golden age of horseracing."

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About Fred Kray

Fred Kray is a former trial lawyer who has specialized in animal law for the past twenty years and has won the American Bar Association’s coveted Excellence in the Advancement of Animal Law Award in 2016.

With his experience and expertise in the field, Fred has lectured across the United States and taught animal law at the law school level.

He is also the author of the book BROKEN-The Suspicious Death of Alydar and the End of Horseracing's Golden Age.

With his background in animal law and the investigation into Alydar's death, Fred is an ideal podcast guest with a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the show.

His ability to discuss the puzzling field of animal law, the investigation into Alydar's death, the $36.5 million insurance payout and the stain it left on the sport of horse racing, as well as other topics related to animal welfare and his practice, make him an excellent potential guest.