Fred Von Burg

"A passionate CEO, uniting homeowners nationwide with ready-to-assemble pergola and pavilion kits from Pergola Kits USA Inc."

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About Fred Von Burg

Fred Von Burg is the Founder and CEO of Pergola Kits USA Inc., a company dedicated to designing and selling ready-to-assemble pergola kits and pavilion kits nationwide.

With years of experience in the industry, Fred and his team have helped thousands of customers create the centerpiece of their outdoor living spaces.

A knowledgeable and experienced professional, Fred is an expert in pergolas and pavilions, offering insight on design, materials, size and options.

His team provides drawings and engineering to fabricate designs, then ships them to customers as ready-to-assemble kits.

Fred also provides guidance for customers during assembly, answering any questions they may have.

Fred has a wealth of information to share about pergolas and pavilions, such as why tradesmen and DIYers buy kits, how customizable they are, what options are available, assembly Q&A, permitting and zoning discussion, and tips and advice for surmounting challenges posed by particular yards or spaces.

He can also discuss the pros and cons of building from scratch, purchasing and assembling a kit, or having a tradesman design and build from scratch.

As a podcast guest, Fred's professional experience and expertise on pergolas and pavilions make him an ideal candidate.

His knowledge in the field and ability to explain complex topics in an accessible way will be a great asset to any podcast.

His insights and advice will be valuable for those who are considering designing or building one of these structures, as well as for tradesmen and DIYers.