Gabby Ianniello

"Max Koehler: Helping companies succeed through creative marketing, podcast production and inspiring others to quit the corporate life."

About Gabby Ianniello

Gabby Ianniello is a founder, podcast producer, and marketing expert based in Austin, Texas.

She has been featured in the New York Times, CBS, ABC and many more, and has amassed 50,000+ followers and counting.

With 6 years of Corporate experience, she made the leap and quit her job in 2021 to create Corporate Quitter Podcast as a side project, which has since grown into a successful business, with 80k+ downloads, 10k+ subscribers, and featured in over 30 articles, TV segments, and documentaries.

In 2022, the business generated $50,000 in revenue.

Gabby is an expert on marketing and social media strategies, career pivots, discovering purpose, creating viral-worthy content, and gaining media attention.

With her extensive experience and knowledge, she is the perfect podcast guest to provide listeners with valuable insights on how to achieve success.

She has a passion for helping others, and her enthusiasm and energy make her a great guest.

Gabby is available for both in-person and remote engagements, and is equipped with a webcam and studio quality microphone.