Gabriela Rosa

Harvard scholar and clinician specialized in fertility, sexuality, and best-selling author since 2001.

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About Gabriela Rosa

Gabriela Rosa is an award-winning Harvard University scholar, fertility specialist, bestselling author, sexuality researcher, and clinician since 2001.

Her work has been featured in major media publications, including The Daily Telegraph, Women's Day, and New Idea.

As the founder and director of the Rosa Institute, Gabriela has dedicated her career to improving clinical results and advancing scientific knowledge in reproductive medicine, helping couples create healthy babies despite previous challenges.

Her unique F.







Method has resulted in a 78.15% live birth rate.

Gabriela has completed clinical research programs, including a Master's in Public Health (Clinical Effectiveness), and is currently applying for her Doctor of Public Health at Harvard.

She holds a Master of Science in Medicine (Reproductive Health and Human Genetics), a Bachelor of Health Science, and is trained in naturopathy, nutrition, and botanical herbal medicine.

In addition to her work at the Rosa Institute, Gabriela is the host of the TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa podcast, on which she and guest experts explore a holistic conversation around desire, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Gabriela is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker who is passionate about providing evidence-based education and self-efficacy for long-term health and wellbeing.

Her books, media appearances, and her podcast have all been well-received, making her a great potential podcast guest.

With her extensive knowledge and experience in fertility, health, and wellness, Gabriela can bring a wealth of insight and expertise to any podcast and offer helpful advice to listeners.