Gary Phipps

Humorous, thought-provoking, and challenging the mainstream: that's me!

About Gary Phipps

Gary Phipps is an American veteran paratrooper, father, husband, and marketer who brings a unique blend of humor and personal points of view to thought-provoking topics.

His decades of experience in the military and in marketing give Gary a unique and powerful perspective on many subjects.

With his LinkedIn profile showcasing dozens of recommendations from former colleagues and clients, Gary has a strong reputation for making a powerful impact in any situation.

On top of that, he is a passionate advocate for diverse thought and opinion and is always open to having his mind changed if presented with compelling arguments.

Gary Phipps is a perfect podcast guest for any show looking to add a little humor, thought-provoking discussion, and diverse opinion to the conversation.

His experience in the military, marketing, and advocacy make him an expert on a variety of topics, and his easy-going personality will keep the conversation light and interesting.

With the ability to connect in-person or remotely, and the necessary equipment to do so, Gary is the perfect podcast guest for any show.