Gena Cox, Ph.D.

Maximizing Inclusion: Transforming organizations and inspiring individuals through executive coaching, speaking, and writing.

About Gena Cox, Ph.D.

Gena Cox, Ph.

D. is an Inclusion Strategist, Executive Coach, Speaker, Author, and Status Quo Breaker.

With 20+ years of advising and coaching leaders in some of the largest companies and her Ph.

D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, she can articulate a clear point-of-view for dealing with the kinds of change that keep you and your employees awake at night.

Gena has 10+ years of measuring employee opinions and helping many leaders deal with concerns about staying competitive, scalable innovation, and satisfying board expectations for diversity and inclusion.

Gena's approach is based less on her expertise and more on her understanding of the emotional experience that inclusion requires.

She offers a new perspective as a Black woman who is also a mother, a leader, an immigrant, an LGBTQ+ ally, and a mental health advocate.

Gena's book, Courageous Inclusion: The Questions Every Leader Must Ask to Lead an Inclusive Organization, will be released in Spring 2022.

Gena is a great potential podcast guest.

With her extensive experience in the areas of diversity and inclusion, executive coaching, and organizational culture, she has a lot to offer.

Her passion for creating a more inclusive work environment is inspiring, and she can provide solutions to the kinds of challenges that leaders and employees face today.

Gena's diverse background and expertise make her an ideal guest to elevate any podcast.