Goose McGrath

An experienced communicator passionate about property, people and business - aiming to spark vibrant, meaningful conversations.

About Goose McGrath

Goose McGrath is an experienced entrepreneur, investor, and business leader based in Australia.

With a passion for helping people, he works to help everyday Australians achieve financial independence through real estate investments.

He has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and a deep understanding of how to empower people through education and mentorship.

Goose is an adroit conversationalist who loves to have vibrant and impactful dialogues.

His expertise and experience in real estate investing and entrepreneurship can be a great asset for any podcast.

He is also available for both in-person and remote interviews, and is equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam for the best audio and video quality.

Goose McGrath would be a great potential podcast guest due to his passion and knowledge around property investing, business and helping people.

His enthusiasm and expertise is sure to bring an interesting and insightful conversation to any podcast.