Gregory Hall

Rethinking the Bible: Join me on the Rethinking Scripture podcast for a fresh perspective.

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About Gregory Hall

Gregory D.

Hall is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker with an impressive background.

He is the host of the Rethinking Scripture podcast, where he encourages people to rethink what they thought they already knew about the Bible.

Gregory is a college athlete, public school teacher, real estate broker/investor, board president, small business entrepreneur, ordained minister, and a university professor.

His varied background and knowledge of biblical studies has given him a unique perspective on some of life's most important themes.

Gregory has also taken several tour groups to Israel & Jordan, which has drastically changed the way he reads and understands Scripture.

He is also well-versed in Greek and Hebrew languages.

Gregory is an ideal podcast guest due to his diverse experiences, insightful knowledge and passion for biblical studies.

His book Rethinking Rest: Why Our Approach to Sabbath Isn't Working, which launches in January of 2023, applies recent biblical scholarship to the topic of biblical rest.

His revolutionary conclusions make him a great potential guest for any podcast looking for an inspiring and knowledgeable speaker.