Hana Kabele Gala

Unlock your business potential: PhD professor and coach fusing neuroscience, art and embodiment.

About Hana Kabele Gala

Hana Kabele Gala is a no-nonsense business management professor (PhD.) and coach based in Seattle, United States.

She combines neuroscience and the transformative power of art and embodiment to help her students and clients reach their potential.

She speaks and coaches in English and Czech.

Her areas of expertise include self-discovery and self-mastery, backed by science, art, and non-verbal experiences, as well as leadership and complexity.

Hana brings a unique blend of knowledge and understanding of traditional techniques and coaching tools, combined with her background in art, to make her clients and audience discover what drives them, motivates them, speaks to them, and why.

She has an impressive track record of success in coaching, making her ideal for any podcast related to business, leadership, and personal growth.

Hana has the ability to mix high and low concepts in a way that will engage listeners and challenge them to think in new ways.

Her understanding of the complexities of life and how to navigate them, as well as her passion for art and self-discovery, make her an excellent guest for any podcast that wants to bring a fresh perspective and a new angle to their audience.

With her experience, knowledge, and passion for helping others, Hana Kabele Gala is a great potential guest for any podcast.

She can bring a unique blend of knowledge and insights that will engage and inspire listeners and help them gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.