Helmut Whitaker

"From overcoming obstacles to building a meaningful life with a partner: My story of resilience."

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About Helmut Whitaker

Helmut Wahrmann-Whitaker is a Ka Ta See Shaman on a mission to help others find out who they truly are and what life is all about.

With over 10 years of experience in health and fitness, and alternative health, Helmut has a unique perspective on understanding relationships, religion, and spirituality.

With a background in both English and German, Helmut is well-versed in communication and has the necessary equipment (USB/External Microphone and Webcam) to participate in remote podcasts on weekdays.

Helmut is an ideal podcast guest, with a powerful story of overcoming remarkable obstacles to build a wonderful life with his partner.

His knowledge, experience, and expertise can add meaningful insight on topics of relationships, health and fitness, and alternative health.

Helmut's unique perspective as a Ka Ta See Shaman can help bring a fresh perspective to any podcast.