Hesha Abrams

Discover the secrets of resolving conflict and restoring harmony with Author Hesha Abrams, a renowned expert.

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About Hesha Abrams

Hesha Abrams, Esq. is a renowned master attorney mediator with over 30 years of experience in resolving human conflict.

Her breadth of experience includes complex commercial, business, and patent licensing deals, as well as various international symposiums.

She is the author of Holding the Calm, a book that shares practical tools to help others resolve conflict and defuse tension in their own lives.

She was the Chair of the Texas Bar Intellectual Property ADR Committee, appointed Delegate to the Fifth Circuit Judicial Conference, and nominated for the Brutsché Award for Excellence in Mediation.

Hesha is a great potential podcast guest as her wealth of knowledge and expertise in resolving human conflict will provide an insightful and interesting perspective for listeners.

Her years of experience allow her to share real-life tools that work and provide listeners with practical advice to navigate the difficult conversations they have in their daily lives.